by viwetee

Good morning, Sunshine.

I see that we’ve been handed another day.
Another day for me to love you.
Another day for you to be mine.
Another day for us to enjoy what has been denied to so many.

Every morning I’ve woken up to your warmth
Every morning, you’ve greeting me with kisses so lovely,
my day literally gets brighter with the thought of them.

I’ve almost forgotten what it is like to be with the Darkness.

We sit every day in your embrace,
an embrace so violently unrelenting
that I sometimes miss you,
even though you’re next to me.

I’ve always known that our time together would be
I’ve also known that our time together could never
be represented
in a linear

But time has never been on our side, has it?

As the time passes, I can feel your embrace slipping.
Your hand only hangs on mine.
Your kisses much cooler.
You’re an arms length away.

It’s starting to get dark.


I can feel your light fading.
Your warmth escaping.

You’re being called away.

The Darkness finds me again as I watch you leave.
“She was always lent to you,” the Darkness whispers.
“You’re forever mine.”

As I watch you fade away, I take my old friends’ hand
and am led down a path I have walked many times.
A path with the Darkness.
A path with no light.

A path without you.