A Story of Time, In Time.

by viwetee

It’s always the same “Once Upon a Time” beginning.

The initial hesitation of the heart, an emotional stutter.
Synapses misfiring, your stomach all a flutter.
A passing thought yesterday, five minutes today
to what seems like an eternity until you see them again.

It is what it is.
It cannot be fought.
We are who we are and they will always hold that over you.
You chose to let your mind wander to them.
You chose to let their mind wander in to your heart.
You chose to indulge their smile and laughter.
You chose to cast aside your apprehension.

The fire of pain from their past cannot be tamed, yet you stand with your emotions in your hands, hoping to calm the flames with the only words that your love can muster :

“Allow my hands to be the salve that soothes your skin
when all within you aches to explode in tears at how
unfairly the world has treated you.
Permit me to wear the words that your past has
forced you to scream into your pillow and I shall proudly
stand, emblazoned with your fury upon me,
in front of you to see what your reincarnated past
has brought to you.  Me.

“Allow your past to heal you as it has hurt you.
Allow the words that haunt you, to echo in your future
as a reminder of where you have been.
Allow today to wrap you in its entirety so you never forget
what you are made of.
Love and tears.

“Allow me to love you the way you deserve to be loved.


As their fire blazes, in your eyes and in your heart, forget not the chasmic period
since you last saw them.  Forget not the five minutes you last had with them.
Never relegate them to a passing thought, for they are now a part of you

and as your story ends, never forget that “Once Upon a Time” beginning.